About Us

grandma-robinson2.jpgIt all began in my grandma Robinson's kitchen. In my favorite place in the whole world, their ranch house in the mountains of New Mexico. I can close my eyes and smell the delicious scents rising off the stove top and see her clear as day. She had a mischievous glint in her eye and a smile that melted the coldest of hearts. I listened, learned and asked a ton of questions. She patiently told me what each spice and herb was and why she used them. Sage for chicken and rosemary for pork, and so forth. I still giggle remembering as she dabbed a bit of vanilla behind our ears. She winked as she told me that grandpa loved it when she smelled like cookies. 

Over the years when we got to visit the ranch, her and I would take long walks looking for arrow heads and picking berries and other wild plants. She talked to me about how everything works together and serves a purpose, even the things we fear. Those things should be treated with respect and caution but they were important none the less. She filled my head with tales of Native American Medicine women and told me how strong us women have always been. I can smell the sage brush and crab apples and know that is where my love of plants and herbs began. 

In 1993 as I was finishing up my pre-med studies, I became ill and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I started really delving into herbalism on a much more serious scale. I was too young to be on all those horrible drugs and so my quest started. At about the same time I went to a Renaissance festival and took a class on making your own skin care and perfumes. I got the bug and started making things for family and friends and combining my herbalism background with my budding skin care education. 


In 2009 I started selling my products on a very small scale in Las Vegas. In 2011 I went back to school for a BS degree in Alternative Medicine. All of this has led me to where we are today with Celestial Balance Body Products. 

I believe in keeping things as local and natural as possible, protecting the planet and helping others. With those things in mind I have created a skin care and candle line that honors those beliefs. Everything is about Balance and I am so proud to share with you what I lovingly call, Zen For Your Skin.


Rae Ellyn