Ravish Me Raspberry Soap

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This delightful Beer Soap was met with rave reviews and has some very layered scents that will surprise you! The scent of fresh sun ripened raspberries burst out of this soap! It is made with a raspberry beer.

Scent Family: Fruity, Feminine
Ingredients: Raspberry Ale [Beer], Palm [Elaeis Guineensis], Lard, Coconut [Cocos Nucifera], Olive Pomace [Olea Europaea], Rapeseed Oil [Brassica Campestris], Lye (NaOH) [Sodium Hydroxide], Shea butter [Hydrogenated Butyrospermum Parkii] Fragrance, Rose Clay [Kaolinite], mica Special Ingredients: A delicious Raspberry ale from made in Vancouver Washington and Rose Clay