Sprays and Oils

These aromatically sweet sprays can be used as a body spray, room spray, or meditation aids. 

Faerie Sprays can also be used as a facial toner. These high energy vibration spays are made with organic, vibrant plant materials, pure water, lots of loving intentions and alcohol to help in the extraction of the plants constituents and to assist in preserving your spray. If you truly believe and are very still and whisper you might even be able to call to the Faerie folk. 

Goddess Sprays and Potions: Are blessed blends of essential oils used as an aromatherapy aid. Each Goddess has her own blend that serve the purpose and energy goals of the user. 

Fragrance Sprays: Are blends of high grade fragrance oils and a unique blend of ingredients that help neutralize odors. These are body safe and can be used as air fresheners too. 

Chakra Sprays and Oils: These are divinely guided blends of essential oils that were created to help balance the chakras.