Herbal Skin Lover

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I love fresh herbs and this soap is full of them! I created this soap for the girls that worked for me that were dealing with problem skin. I could not make enough of it, fast enough for them! Although it has lots of skin hydrating ingredients like Avocado oil and Olive Oil it is best suited for those with oily skin. Use this as an all over body soap, or if you have problem skin this is a great one to use on the face. It has natural ingredients known to help with oily skin and contains herbs also known to help calm down angry, red irritated skin as well.
Ingredients: Water [Aqua], Palm [Elaeis Guineensis], Olive [Olea Europaea], Coconut [Cocos Nucifera], Castor [Ricinus Communis], Lye (NaOH) [Sodium Hydroxide], Avocado [Persea Gratissima], Safflower [Carthamus Tinctorius], french green clay [Montmorillonite], Tea Tree Oil [Melaleuca Alternifolia], Lavender EO [Lavandula Angustifolia], Rosemary EO [Rosmarinus Officinalis], chamomile [Chamomilla Recutita], Lavender [Lavandula Angustifolia], rosemary [Rosmarinus Officinalis], White Willow Bark [Salix Alba Bark]

Caution: This can be a drying soap for dry to normal skin types. No matter what products you use on your skin, even if it is oily, you need to moisturize to keep your skin from overreacting to being dry which can make it produce even more oil.